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Richmond 1

Sleek and Contemporary Duplex in Richmond

Points of Interest

  • This home was built custom built for two young professionals working downtown in Calgary to accommodate their growing family. During the build they went from having 1 child to adding another one! They re-located from a condo Kensington to a more family friendly area in Richmond. They owned this unique pie-shaped piece of land with an older home on it for a few years as a rental property before they hired Lighthouse to help move the home off the foundation and make room for their dream home. Part of the equation was that Lighthouse assisted in finding a person to build the other half of the duplex as an investment, an important part of the process.
  • Lighthouse assisted with the transaction between the investor and the land owner, and lead the process from architectural plans through to construction.

The Details

Custom designed, private price


2,495 sq ft on main and upper floors, with additional 1,002 in the developed basement

3 + 1 in basement

3 + 1 in basement

3 car garage