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Richmond 3

Contemporary 2 Storey Home in Richmond

Points of Interest

  • This home has a great story – the owners absolutely love their street, but we’re busting out of the seams of the original bungalow. Not wanting to move, they did a temporary move while the older bungalow was re-purposed and taken off the foundation. Lighthouse facilitated the logistics and replacing the bungalow with a beautiful brand new 2 story that fit their family.
  •  Scope of work included coordinating budget, interior design, and construction with a cost plus building contract.
  •  Contemporary exterior was the driver, and having a “four sided home” was a must have.
  •  Interior design surrounded the idea of being a true family home, with warmth and a west coast contemporary feel to each space.
  •  Highlights include acacia wood floors, floating vanities, and a show stopping tile insert at the entrance to set the tone of the home as you walk inside.

The Details

Custom designed, private price


2,250 sq/ft main and upper, built on existing foundation.



Tandum triple garage