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Silverhorn 1


Points of Interest

  • Choosing Silverhorn for the expansive and private lots they offer, this family wanted open space to enjoy their time together.  Utilizing the lot to its full potential means that there are mountain views from all the right places.
  • Scope of work included coordinating architectural design, budget, interior design, and construction with a cost plus building contract.
  • The timeless exterior with wood accents, ample stone, and soft stucco colour makes this home truly stand out at street level.
  • Highlights include different feels to each space, each with its own personality as unique as the people using it.  The kitchen is truly a masterpiece, thoughtful design and layout made for a truly functional kitchen that make you look at least twice from every angle.

The Details

Custom designed, private price


3,212 sq/ft main and upper, with a basement development of 1,048 sq/ft



Garage – Quadruple