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My business journey goes back to my childhood – my parents were entrepreneurs who ran a small dairy farm in Nova Scotia. They taught me what matters most in business is people (in their case, also cows), hard work, and your reputation. What I learned from them most importantly, though, is that if you love what you do, that will translate into a honourable and caring business.

After being in every role that new home construction can offer, I realized that my passion for the construction industry is not which role that I’ve been in, but rather spending time with the people whom are involved in the entire process. From the trades and suppliers, Lighthouse’s team – and of course our clients, I love spending time with people. Ensuring that all people feel truly cared for is what makes the hard work enjoyable!

Instilling this strong people-focused value in everyone I meet, I strive for clear communication, full trust, and infinite clarity through the process. Supporting and guiding our clients through building a custom home, I’ve been able to make an impact on families in Calgary and area. I’m excited to meet you – choosing Lighthouse to build your home not only provides you with a great experience but you’re also likely to experience a good old kitchen party in the process!