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From a young age, immersed in a family-owned land development and residential construction business, I developed a profound appreciation for the art and science of building homes. This early exposure instilled in me a passion for construction, guiding me towards a path of innovation and leadership in the industry. My enthusiasm first manifested through childhood projects, from intricate Lego structures to elaborate treehouses and skateboard ramps, each project a stepping stone towards my professional journey.

My career in construction has been marked by a dedication to craftsmanship, innovative problem-solving, and a deep commitment to client satisfaction. These principles have been the cornerstone of my work, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to the creation of homes that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Lighthouse Custom Homes, my role as founder is anchored in a deep commitment to integrity and quality, principles that are reflected across every layer of our operations. Our core strength lies in our internal team of experts and highly skilled trade partners, that share a collective vision of excellence and a commitment to making the home-building experience rewarding and enjoyable for our clients.